We are searching for the best, most beautiful, and most innovative bikes & products of 2024.

The CYCLINGWORLD EUROPE Awards have gained increasing significance in recent years. To meet this development, the awards for 2024 will be significantly professionalized and thereby enhanced.

This is primarily achieved by transforming the CYCLINGWORLD EUROPE Award from a purely audience award to a combination of audience and expert jury awards.

Instead of the previous six, for 2024, we have established eight different categories for this purpose. Six of them are exclusively reserved for bikes: Best Cargo-Bike, Best Gravel-Bike, Best Kids-Bike, Best MTB/ATB Bike, Best Race-Bike, and Best Urban-Bike. In all six bike categories, suggestions with “E” as well as without “E” are accepted.

In addition to the Bike Awards, there are two more categories: Firstly, the category “Best Fashion & Accessories,” and secondly, the category Best Parts/Components/Technology.

Here are all eight categories overviewed, where you can now nominate your products:

How does it work?

All companies in the industry can submit their products for an award nomination after the call for entries has been made. This is done through an online form provided by us. Depending on the submission timing, either the Early Bird fee (€80.00), the regular fee (€100.00), or the Late fee (€150.00) applies.

Next, the submissions are checked for completeness and accuracy, and then the information is transferred by us into the online voting tool.

On February 9th, all fully completed and accepted submissions are published, and on the same day, at 4:00 PM, the online voting opens to the public.

Participants in the public online voting are also asked to consider the evaluation criteria. At the start of the online voting, a quota or number of products determined by us is communicated, indicating how many spots will be available in each category for the final jury voting.

In the final jury voting, the expert jury decides who will receive the Best-of-Category Award and, if applicable, an Honorable Mention Award.