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The idea

Urban mobility – Sport – Lifestyle


Düsseldorf is supposed to become even nicer than it is today. And this is meant not only regarding the optical impression in the eye of the viewer but this is also a serious concern about the subjective awareness of live of the people living here in the capital of the most crowded country of Germany. Cycling is a valuable part of an absolutely positive urban-lifestyle-feeling. It starts with the daily commuter’s ride to work or the the kid’s ride to school. Some of us enjoy their weekends with a bike trip while others work hard on their bikes, going for a personal sporty goal. No matter what keeps us all riding our bikes, one thing is uniting all of us: It touches our souls!

It is time the right time for a special interest show of cycling culture in Düsseldorf. And last but not least, the city of Düsseldorf is standing just as an example for almost every city in Europe. The challenges and  future developments are almost the same in every metropolitan area.


Three questions to our head of the project Cyclingworld Düsseldorf:


Why is the Cyclingworld located in Düsseldorf?

Düsseldorf is a very good example of a fast growing city. This growing process is detectable in many cities all over europe. It is one of the megatrends that the society has to deal with these das. On base of his fact, it it quiet obvious, that the bicycle is going to play a major role in the future of our lives. One of the big goals of our bicycle show is to show the people how cool and stylish the product world of cycling is. At this point the historic and incredibly, beautiful home the CYCLINGWORLD, the Areal Böhler, enters the scene. The most beautiful products loose their shine in the wrong surrounding. The historic atmosphere here at the CYCLINGWORLD offers a surrounding which one, without exeggeration, can call state of the art.


How did you get the idea of the Cyclingworld?

The CYCLINGWORLD is indeed a very personal thing for me. Back in 1984, when I was a kid, I saved my pocket money and bought my first mountainbike. This, I guess, was the moment when it all startet. A few years later I startet with Triathlon and worked as one the very first bike messengers here in Düsseldorf. I continued with the Triathlon Sport up to the ironman level, I rode roadbike races, Mountainbike races, I crossed the alps, rode down the complete highway Nummer One in North America... There is almost nothing I dind't expediere on my bike or at least even tried it. And all of this enriched my life. When I saw the beautiful Areal Böhler for the first time, my head immediately started to produce pictures of beautiful bikes in this beautiful halls. As I am owner of an established event company it is my daily business to create events in places like this for customers. We do this all over Europe for quiet a while now, but at the CYCLINGWORLD I am doing this for my big log time passion, the bicycle.


Which exhibitors do you expect to show up at the Cyclingworld?

To be honest, it is a bit early to answer this question. But with a healthy portion of self confidence we say, that the opportunity to show your products right here in the center of the most crowded area of Germany in an atmosphere that is really one of a kind is something really special. So from this point of view every manufacturer, importer, wholesaler or dealer who carries worthy and stylish products in his portfolio should put a new needle on his wallmap. On the other hand we say very respectfully in terms of the work that has to be done in the next months, that we will try everything that's possible to meet our own claims that we have set for the CYCLIGWORLD DÜSSELDORF. Our credo is, that we won't be happy and satisfied with the show unless our exhibitors and visitors are so.

CYCLINGWORLD – Six themes full of innovations and style:

What can you expect at the Cyclingworld?


  • MTBs, Racebikes, Triathlonbikes
  • Urban-Bike-Beauties
  • E-Bikes
  • Citybikes
  • Tour-, Trekking- und Travelbikes
  • Kids – and Youthbikes
  • Specialbikes like Folding- or Cargobikes


  • Bike-Components
  • Bike-Accessoires
  • Bike-Fashion & shoes
  • Helmets
  • Bike-Bags
  • Urban-Bike Accessoires
  • E-Bike Products


  • Travel, Tourism
  • Health & Fitness
  • Nutrition
  • Bike 4.0 – GPS, Apps
  • Urban-Bike-Culture
  • Bike-Leasing
  • Bike-Parking
  • Bike-Projects for the Future

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