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Dear Bike-Business-Insider,

a couple of days ago we started a survey within the bike business about the idea of an Order-Edition B2B-Only this summer. The response was absolutely positive, so that about 50 companies already expressed their interest. The first step of the procedure, the evaluation of the general demand, is done successfully. The second step is now getting more detailed. With the following lines I’ll try to point out the way with some questions and answers in term of this Order-Event.


What is this format exactly meant to be?

Like the name already suggests this format will be a 100% Order-Event only for bikes-business-insiders. Events like this are well known already from other regions or times, mostly named order-days or so. And exactly this is the format meant to be. A platform where orders can and should be placed. All this in the well known, wonderful ambience at the Areal Böhler.


When is the Order-Edition – B2B Only taking place?

This question was also part of our survey in which the participants could choose between four dates between end of July and end of August. Also for the duration of the event was asked and possible answers here were from two till five days. The most selected answers had been the time slot beginning on August 16th with a duration of three days. Conclusion:

The Cyclingworld Order-Edition – B2b Only shall take place from 16th – 18th of August 2020, August 15th is meant to be reserved for construction and assembling.


Why an Order-Edition – B2B Only?

The answer to this question is quiet simple. Allthough not much of it is normally noticed by the public the gathering of the pre-orders belongs to the most important jobs to be done in the whole business. This process is absolutely decisive when it comes to the question which bikes and products will enter the shops in the following season and in which quantity all these products will be produced at all. Without pre-orders it is most likely impossible to plan production processes in a global production chain like it is common in the bike business. The implementation of the Order-Edition B2B-Only should bring a fix and reliable spot into the bike business, especially in 2020 as things are going anything else but normal. Of course one can argue, that this process has been working without this format in the past and this is right without any doubt. This was all done with the help of some bigger events organized by the major companies and also with smaller order-day events and with many many personal visits of sales guys to all the shops. Especially the big, international order events won’t take place this year and they will have to be replaced by smaller national or regional events. What stays the same is the challenge and the question how to get the pre-orders from all the dealers within a certain time and with a reasonable effort? And that’s exactly the point where the Order-Edition B2B-Only makes sense as it offers perfect conditions and an approved infrastructure in that part of Germany that has the most citizens and bike-shops as well.


An Order-Show during the Corona-Pandemic –  How can this work?

Armin Laschet, premier of the country NRW announced on May 6th:

“Large scale events and assemblies” 

“Large scale events are not allowed until August 31st 2020. For all assemblies the valid provisions apply. With a target date beginning from May 30th specialist trade fairs and congresses should take place again with official regulations in terms of numbers of attendees and with integrated protection concepts.

The second mentioned point is from my point of view the important one and after intense considerations and evaluations I regard it as absolutely feasible. The projected situation of such an order-event is even better to handle than a lot of situations in our daily life elsewhere i.g. in shoppingmalls or big warehouses.


What happens if a another lockdown prevents or even prohibits the realization of the Order-Edition B2B-Only?

As an entrepreneur it is kind of my daily routine not to daydream, but to find the perfect way to realize dreams after an intense and pragmatic evaluation of all the different situations. I kept a very sceptical attitude, when some events were postponed from March or April to June or July this year. Most of these events were postponed for the second time now, which from my point of view, was quiet predictable. Predictability is the key word at the moment, as no one knows how things are developing. On the basis of this uncomfortable truth I was looking for solutions that on one hand carry a certain amount of planning security and on the other hand give a highest possible flexibility to all concerned parties. The solution for this is our 14-day-window. That means the reservations are until 14 days before the event is taking place non-binding and they just become binding if at this point no regulations by local authorities make the Order-Edition B2B-Only impossible. Until then all reservations are fully non-binding.


What are the participation costs for the Order-Edition – B2B Only?

By today we have two fixed prices already. One one hand this is a registration fee of 59,00 Euros for every participant and on the other hand this is 149,00 Euros for the installation of an Electric power supply at your booth. (There’s no need to argue about this second mentioned price, as our technical partner company definitely belongs to the ones who suffer the most from the actual Corona pandemic. The prices per squaremetre for your boothes are planned to be significantly lower than at the regular Cyclingworld Show and additionally it’s planned to add a community component in the pricing structure. That means, that we will have three pricing levels and it lowers the prices for all the more space is leased. In other words: The more companies join the project, the more reasonable the prices become for everyone.
By today we are still in talks with Areal Böhler and as soon as we have all informations we’ll be able to give you concrete price indications.


How can you reserve your participation at the Order-Edition – B2B Only?

That’s the most easy question of all here as we’e placed an online-form right underneath this little Q&A part. You just need to fill out and send the form and as soon as possible we’ll get back to you with an offer.

That’s it for now. We’re really looking forward to your responses.


Greetings from a very sunny Düsseldorf


Stefan Maly