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There is absolutely no question about ist. If we are asking about the future ways of mobility, there is no way around them. Yes, we’e talking about E-Bikes and Pedelecs of the newest product-generation. And the best thing is. They are still bikes. Riding them means, that you are not just saving the narrow space in your city but you are also doing something really good and healthy to your body.

An interesteing calculation shows: Driving a distance of 100km with a common petrol engine powered car causes energy costs of app. 12 Euros – Using a pedelec for the same distance will cause app. 25 Cent.

And for those of you who think that E-Bikes are somehow old-fashioned or something… Beware of your prejudices. Quiet many of them are really stylish and cool. You don’t think so?

Don’t worry, we will prove this at the CYCLINGWORLD DÜSSELDORF