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The idea-GP

The Cylingworld – Global – Premium


Three words describing what this show is all about. It’s about the world of bikes, e-bikes and everything that’s got to do with it and it’s about the best products from the business. With the Cyclingworld-Global-Premium Show we are offering a new global platform for the bike business which can be activated and used by the companies in the bike business to advance their efforts und successes. All this in a surrounding that can hardly be more stylish and in a city that not only fulfills all the infrastructural needs but rather is hosting already some of the most important trade shows in the world. – Düsseldorf.





Some of the most important questions about the new Cyclingworld-Global-Premium were answered by our CEO Stefan Maly right here:


B2C? – B2B? – Or even both?

“The Cyclingworld-Global-Premium is going to be a pure B2B platform. One of the most important aspects is that the whole situation around the show fulfills all the needs of a global business platform. The Areal Böhler venue as well as the City of Düsseldorf with all their amenities offer exact this.


Why a Cyclingworld-Global-Premium and why in Düsseldorf?

“To answer this question it is quiet helpful to take a closer look at the current mega-trends in the world. Among these mega-trends you find things like urbanisation, mobility, globalisation, health but also individualisation and silver-society. If you see all these mega-trends next to each other, you rapidly recognize that the bike is playing a major role in quiet many of these mega-trends. Products that do exact this in such an intense and impressive way are quiet rare and without any exaggeration we can say: The bicycle is a “Mega-Product”. – And to answer the question about Düsseldorf as host city for the Cyclingworld-Global-Premium: I believe that mega-trends and mega-products belong to the metropolitan areas of our world. That’s my absolute conviction.”


When is the Cyclingworld-Global-Premium taking place the first time?

“We are working on the idea of the Cyclingworld-Global-Premium since a couple of years now in the background of our organisation, preparing this project step by step. The exceptional situation of the year 2020 with all its unpredictable turns and circumstances is now sort of the release button to start this project right now. The date of the first Cyclingworld-Global-Premium Show in Düsseldorf is now set from August 15th until August 18th 2021.”


How big is the Cyclingworld-Global-Premium expected to be?

“According to our current assessments and projections I would say that we expect around 500 – 600 exhibitors with about 20.000 industry visitors. These numbers match also with the feasibility studies that we’ve made in terms of the Covid-19 situation and all the resulting rules and official regulations.”


Is there a minimum and a maximum booth-size at the Cyclingworld-Global-Premium?

“Yes, we have both of them. The minimum size is 9 sqm and the maximum size is 250 sqm/exhibitor. In special cases such as the situation that one company is uniting many brands underneath one roof, the company can request a bigger facility and we are trying to figure out an individual solution that fits for them. But it is my absolute concern to mention that the quality of the products, the intensity of the business-relationship between our exhibitors and the industry-visitors and the impact of the talks inbetween them have a higher significance than quantitative criteria such as the size of a booth. The fashion industry has gone through a similar process in the last years and it works really good. The challenge of a trade show should not be to present the biggest or most spectacular stand. And to be honest. You can spend a lot of money in this challenge, that could be used much more effective. This is also something that’s been confirmed from many fashion companies.”


What’s the participation fee at the Cyclingworld-Global-Premium?

“In 2021 we will have a unitary participation-fee of 149,00 Euro/sqm. It is irrelevant for the participation fee, if the requested stand has 1,2,3 or 4 open sides. That means of course, that the companies should be fast with their reservations as the old rule says: First Come – First Served.”


Is the first reservation of a booth at the Cyclingworld-Global-Premium binding?

“No, of course not. Over the the last years we have invented a very successful reservation system in our company. According to this system your first reservation is absolutely non-binding for our exhibitors. If your application is positively approved we will send you an offer according to your entries in the application form. From the moment you receive this offer from us, we are blocking the requested space for your company. Later in the process we will come up to you and you either decide to change this non-binding reservation into a fixed booking or you withdraw your reservation. The date when this decision has to be made is not a fixed determined date, it is flexible and made by the market itself. That means: A high demand will lead to an earlier decision date.

No need to mention in this context: By making this first reservation you get the chance to affect on the position of your booth quiet early in the process.

As mentioned before: First Come – First Served is the standard procedure.”


The start of a new global B2B-Trade-Show, does this make sense at all in the times?

“2021 means being within the COVID-19 pandemic. This is the current situation and we are dealing with it very serious. Covid-19 has changed the world we live in in 2020 and this change-process is still going on. I regard the implementation of the new Cyclingworld-Global-Premium as an opportunity to change one point in the global bike business. A positive change of course. Concentration on selected premium segments of the market will of course lead to a reduction of some quantitative numbers we’re all used to, but especially this absolutely makes sense in these times. Our goal is not to chase for record figures in squaremetres, numbers of exhibitors or visitors. Our goal is to offer a serious, professional, global platform to the bike and e-bike business. And this in premium surrounding and in a city that also has every needed infrastructural amenities on a premium level.

Recent formats such as the Gallery Fashion & Shoes or the Caravan Salon 2020 have proven that things are especially here in Düsseldorf possible and how to handle these things. We as the organizers of the Cyclingworld Europe and the upcoming new format Cyclingworld-Global-Premium are observing all the current circumstances, discussions, regulations and events very intensively. So does the Areal-Böhler, our Venue-Provider as well. The current situation requires to act serious, self-reflected, flexible, unagitated and always with an extra awareness of responsibility.


What does that mean today in terms of the Cyclingworld-Global-Premium 2021?

If we would tell you today that to organize the premiere of the Cyclingworld-Global-Premium in 2021 is business as usual, then this would definitely not be serious and also definitely not our style. We prefer to stay with the facts, which means that you can be sure that our plannings are always adjusted to the latest developments and that we will keep you informed about all significant circumstances. Even in times of a global pandemic, or better to say especially in such turbulent times our most important goal is to give the companies of the bike and e-bike business a new home, which always includes that you all feel to be in good hands at all time. That is what we can say. Everything else would be fortune telling.”



Which exhibitors are expected to be at the Cyclingworld-Global-Premium?

“It’s quiet to early to answer this question right now. But we are self-confident enough to say that the possibility to show premium products in the middle of one of the strongest areas of Europe in the absolute stylish and unique atmosphere of the Areal Böhler is something very special. So, actually the Cyclingworld-Global-Premium should be a serious option for every single company in the business that carries high quality products in their portfolio.”