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„AOI.CYCLE is a bicycle design and manufacturing company which helps redefine the notion of elegant cycling in daily life.The brand upholds its exquisite and steady industrial design, mechanical technology, and demands exquisite, elegant and purely hand-made “craft bicycles” piece after piece.

Aside from AOI.CYCLE’s unique frame design, the signature material used to create the bicycle frames is constructed with stainless steel. The stainless steel frame is strengthened using an existing aerospace-grade welding technique, then carefully polished in order to preserve their metallic luster.

The unique designed geometry, construction technologies and materials used symbolize the brand’s focus on craftsmanship, safety, durability as well as great riding experiences. And these values are what make AOI.CYCLE a true craft piece worth passing on to the next generation.“


Halle: Alte Schmiedehalle

Stand-Nr: D2

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