Argon 18

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„Our passion is your next ride.

Since 1989, Argon 18 has brought together a team of people who design, test, build, talk, think, and dream bikes, all driven by the goal of offering the best possible cycling experience to racers and riders of all kinds. Today, we are driven by this idea more than ever. With bikes on the roads, tracks, and trails of more than 70 countries worldwide — and powering professional cycling teams and professional triathletes the world over — Argon 18 has become a benchmark in the international cycling community.

But we don’t just make bikes – we make rides. The ones you remember long after you’ve forgotten the pain and how often you re-calibrated your breaking point. Long after your new best friends gave you their last tube. Long after the beer is gone and the grit washed off. Because at Argon 18, we’re always out there with our riders, finding out how we can make those rides lighter, faster, safer and more memorable for everyone. Because making better bikes isn’t just what we do. It’s who we are.“


Halle: Alte Schmiedehalle

Stand-Nr: E3

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