Econic One

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„About Econic One:
Our mission is to empower more people around the world to move around in a greener, quicker and happier way. We do this by designing, manufacturing and commercialising high quality Smart e-Bikes at an affordable price.

Obsessing the riding experience:
We are a company of cyclists and we understand what makes a great bike. We optimise every aspect of our e-Bikes to deliver the natural ride feel we are famous for. Frame, components, electronics, engine: we obsess every detail.

Smart and connected:
We develop our own connected hardware and softer in house, allowing cyclists to keep track of their bike’s location and to and control it straight from their smartphone: Lock, Unlock, Share and anti-theft are right in your pocket.

Always serviceable:
Every cyclist knows that a good mechanic is key to a good experience. Our growing network of dealers and bike shops are here to offer service and advice. And because we use well-known and high quality parts, maintenance is easy.“


Halle: Alte Schmiedehalle

Stand-Nr: C7

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