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„Eovolt is a French producer of ultra-practical e-bikes, designed to be matching the needs of modern city-dwellers: compact, easy-to-carry, and with perfect aesthetics finishing touches.
Founded by Luca Chevalier and Baptiste Fullen in 2018, the brand has quickly been known among the professionals of the cycle industry for its high quality of products and the reactivity of its customer service.
Result: more than 600 resellers through Europe, and already 24 000 bikes sold.
This fast success can be explained by two things:
the customer-centric approach of the two 25-yo entrepreneurs (what do people living in cities really need to replace their car by a bike? what are the constraints they really face?);
their choice to control the entire production line, from sourcing to reselling, in order to offer the best quality/ price ratio of the market.
That’s how, in 2020, Eovolt moved its factory from a small garage to a 3 500 square meters space in the East of Lyon and hired about 30 bike specialists.
In 2023, the brand will focus on the acceleration of the production and the development of new European markets, and keep working on the improvement of the best quality-bike to an affordable price.
With always the same objective: help European people to adopt new green mobility habits.“


Halle: Kaltstahlhalle

Stand-Nr: O2

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