HiRide Suspension

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„HiRide is an Italian suspension manufacturer that in the years has developed an elasto-hydraulic miniaturized solution to be hidden in the bike head-tube.
Designed and made in the cradle of road bikes and design, HiRide AR Front Suspension will provide 20mm of damping that provides ride-long comfort. Besides, its lock-out function allows it to be stiff on flat asphalt or smooth on medium/rough trails, with undisputable all-round advantages.
The solution has been already successfully applied both to muscular bikes (e.g. BMC URS LT) and eBikes (launching this year), thanks to its “invisibile” design, widely appreciated by manufacturers not willing to modify their distinctive bike design and brand identity.
In 2021 HiRide has expanded its portfolio with Sterra: a complete assembly of AR Front Suspension and a carbon fork, complemented by adapters kit, to provide also to small manufacturer and End Users a plug‘n’play solution compatible with most head-tubes designs.“

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