Officine Mattio

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„Officine Mattio is an Italian Company of handmade bicycles.

The milestones of the Officine Mattio product philosophy are:
– Exclusivity. Each OM bicycle is a unique, non-replicable and authentic piece because the frames are created by hand by expert hands after hours and hours of work. Thanks to the very high level of customization, every cyclist can create the bike of his dreams, with a customization that makes his bike unique in the world.
– Tradition and innovation. Officine Mattio is inspired by the past, responding to the needs of the present, with an eye to future trends.
– Italian spirit. Officine Mattio is rich in craftsmanship and professionalism and all stages of the production process are made in Italy.
– Passion. Passion is the essential essence of every Officine Mattio product.“

Officine Mattio auf der CYCLINGWORLD EUROPE

Halle: Alte Schmiedehalle

Stand-Nr: B3

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