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„Urtopia wants a different future; a future where people and the environment can thrive together; a future where technology and humanity are more compatible. We embrace technological advances and pursue a path that allows a perfect balance between human health and the protection of nature. With the help of technology, we redefine cycling so that anyone who is willing, regardless of height, weight, or physical fitness, can join in the movement and enjoy a healthy life together.

We aim to convert exercising into an enjoyable, desirable, and routine way of life for everyone. With the help of technology, we’ve redefined „green“, by bring the best operational efficiency and the most suitable exercice experience for ourselves through the organic integration of people, nature, and technology as a direct impact of our lowest carbon emission attainment. Urtopia’s abundance of liberty helps us to pursue and accomplish our own utopia. We, therefore, invite you to join us in making the world greener.“


Halle: Kaltstahlhalle

Stand-Nr: N7

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