AOI.CYCLE - CYCLINGWORLD EUROPE - Ausstellung für feinste Radkultur
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AOI.CYCLE is a quality-handcrafted bicycle brand founded in 2010 by the Industrial Designer Ken Aoi. To carry on his father’s 38-year traditional stainless steel manufacturing company, Ken integrates the artisan’s craftsmanship and mechanical manufacturing technology with innovative design to redefine the traditional diamond structure of a bicycle. The iconic design of AOI.CYLE’s streamline silhouette with its fine metal touch truly transforms a bicycle into a true piece of a mobile art craft.


Every year, the factory custom-produces a limited number of a hundred bicycles. Customers all over the world are able to order their custom-made AOI.CYCLE by website and get air delivery to the door just after a few days. Since the products are delivered directly from the factory to the end-user, AOI.CYCLE thoughtfully developed their patented assemble system to better help the user assemble their own bicycle.


After several years of market test from customers in Japan, England, Holland, Germany and many other European countries, AOI.CYCLE successfully extend the image of bicycles from outdoor recreational use to indoor home aesthetics art craft.


AOI.CYCLE only produces high quality bicycles with concerned in every detail of the product, especially the materials used to create them. The frames are constructed with AOI.CYCLE’s signature material 304-stainless steel, and must be carefully polished to preserve their metallic luster. The transmission systems are using internal-gear hubs and electric assisted motors, which now are the mainstream in the European market. The electric assisted AOI.CYCLE are powered by Zehus ALL-IN-ONE system from Italy. The innovative hub puts motor, batteries, electronics and 4-sensor system in one single component, controlling by APP from any smart phone. The smart electric system has self-charge, self-lock feature, as well as GPS positioning system. Making bicycles a smarter forms of transportation that fit into the lifestyle of the modern users.


AOI.CYCLE auf der Cyclingworld Düsseldorf


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