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Infos hierzu:


1990. The classic tricycle as used by the bakery is now popular with squatters, thrift shops and others who want to transport their heavy gear. René van Corven also rides such a trike. He is surprised by the unstable steering, high floor and the inertia of the vehicle. He thinks there is room for improvement. He starts devising solutions, improvements and adaptations. But the ideas stay on the shelf of his mind for years, until Rene encounters Johan Breet in 2014. Johan asks René to think about a transport trike for heavy loads with pedal power which is electrically supported. The dust is blown off the old ideas and steel is ordered.


Meanwhile René van Corven has graduated at the prestigious Design academy in Eindhoven. This puts him in a rare spot of a designer and technician developing cargo trikes.


So he starts to build a trike which is sold before completion. He gets a grant from the province of Gelderland to develop cargotrikes.
This gives him the possibility of designing and experimenting on several prototypes. Envancorven is born. Now Envancorven builds high end cargotrikes. Unique and great designs, all handmade in our own workshop. Trikes for transporting beer, dogs, ladders for window cleaners, wheelchairs, etc are on the road now. All designed with a low center of gravity, double hydraulic disc brakes in the front wheels, front suspension, 8 speed shimano nexus, etc…


Electrically assisted with a bafang midmotor.
If you want a different setup, for instance a piniondrive with a Goswiss motor or no motor at all? Please contact us. We design and build to the needs and wishes of our clients. Everything is possible at EnvanCorven.


envanCorven auf der Cyclingworld Düsseldorf – Kaltstahlhalle Stand K-B8


Mehr Infos unter: www.envancorven.nl