Baum Cycles - Cyclingworld Düsseldorf - Ausstellung für feinste Radkultur
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Baum Cycles

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Of all the reactions Darren (Baum) receives when customers meet him it is typically „but you’re so….young?“. The confusion is palpable. How can a man not yet fifty have nearly three decades of frame building expertise? The answer is simple: dedication, hard work, mistakes and a drive to do things better. Do not accept any barrier. Step outside the status quo. Ride your own race. Darren did. The result is what you know as Baum Cycles. The little corner of Geelong producing some of the world’s best bespoke bicycles.


Today the team at Baum has expanded beyond the man who started it. A complete in-house paint workshop, cutting edge fitting studio and a factory floor spanning two workshops make it a far cry from the humble beginnings. But the core remains the same. Fit. Handling. Design. Ride. The beauty is in the simplicity. It’s what allows us to create what we do. And is what leads us to you.


Baum Cycles auf der Cyclingworld Düsseldorf


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