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The Convercycle Bike is a 2in1 Bike which transforms from a common bike to a cargo bike in seconds.


Folded The Convercycle seems just like any other bike only the basket which surrounds the rear wheel shows there is something special about this bike. While riding the bike a locking mechanism keeps the rear wheel in place. When you stop to load something onto the Convercycle you step on a little pedal at the rear wheel and push the wheel to the ground and out. Thereby you unlock the rear wheel and it will swing out of the basket making space for loads.


The basket can be filled and loaded with up to 60kg (120kg driver). Unfolded the space measures the size of a 600mmx400mm box and even when folded to its compact size the space left and right of the wheel can be used.


With its folding mechanism The Convercycle Bike adapts to spontaneous everyday life situations when getting around the city. Reducing its size by folding helps to stow it on the streets or in backyards and it also has the possibility to put it up vertically when space is real tight. It is made for a multimodal mobility as you can take it with you in elevators, on escalators and in trains.


Convercycle auf der Cyclingworld Düsseldorf


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