Cycled Project - CYCLINGWORLD EUROPE - Ausstellung für feinste Radkultur
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Cycled Project

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Cycled captures the object’s potentiality seeing beyond its common use. Cycled makes it re-evaluates and re-lived in a different environment. We do create a unique link between Tires, accessories and the Road where tires write their story, riding to extent until worn out, reaching their original intended end Cycled transforms a rubber stripes into real and unique belts and accessories. The Wearer then gives them an opportunity for a new eternal life.




Cycled is a concept transformed into a real mission by true Passion. This is the new way of evolution. Two brothers truly motivated to abandon the industrial creation process in favor to traditional methods of production and handcrafting. The real distinctive values of Cycled Brand: expert artisan hands —> the practice; up-cycle process —> the raw material; craftsmanship —> the Essence.




Cycled transforms the only thing that pollutes in a bike: The Tyre. Each one gains a new life through handcrafting and converted into a useful, indestructible and unique objects: Up-Cycle Belts and Accessories.




Iron branding, needles, threads and scissors become primary elements of modern realities re-read in a traditional key, where handcraft returns to be a form of communication between the craftsman and the inanimate object created.


Cycled Project auf der Cyclingworld Düsseldorf


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