Mokumonocycles - Cyclingworld Düsseldorf - Ausstellung für feinste Radkultur
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Did you know that 97% of the 13 million bicycles assembled in Europe last year were made with bicycle frames imported from cheap labour countries, mainly in South East Asia? And, that in 20 years time the bicycle manufacturing industry has almost completely disappeared from Europe?


At Mokumono, we feel that it would be a shame if our rich history of bicycle manufacturing just ends here. So, we decided to do something about it. The traditional production methode of a bicycle frame is to labour intensive to be compatible in The Netherlands. So in order to bring production back we had to invent a new and automated way of producing bicycle frames.


We found the solution by looking to other industries that are still producing in Europe. Mostly, we were inspired by the European car industry. Cars are still produced in Europe because of constant innovating and automating production processes. We took the lessons learned here and applied them to the production of bicycle frames.


Our unique prodcution process begins with two flat sheets of aluminum that are pressed into form and laser welded together. The automated process produces strong and lightweight aluminium frames that showcase the unique way they are put together. Our first bike was awarded the prestigious Gold Award at the Eurobike trade fair 2017. An award given to those innovations that set the future benchmark for the entire industry.


Mokumonocycles auf der Cyclingworld Düsseldorf – Stand folgt


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