Recyclock - CYCLINGWORLD EUROPE - Ausstellung für feinste Radkultur
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recycling + cycling + clock – this is recyCLOCK.


Used chainring, chain, crank, inner tube or casette – these are all garbage for others, but for me, primary commodity! I’m working as an architect and I create clocks, jewelry, accessories from used bicycle parts since 2013. As there is no two parts alike, my creations are all unique. Changing the forms, materials and colours gives me endless possibilities for creation. My goal is to create objects for everyday usage with using the most out of garbage and also creating new value. Beside clocks, you can find neklaces, earrings, key rings and cufflinks among my products. Finding always new ways of re-using the bicycle parts inspire me in creation. With buying recycled products – as clocks, jewelry or accessories from recyCLOCK – You can help protecting our environment.


All products are unique, hand-made and recycled.

©2019 recyCLOCK – Budapest / Hungary


recyCLOCK auf der Cyclingworld Düsseldorf


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