Velosophe - Cyclingworld Düsseldorf - Ausstellung für feinste Radkultur
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The book ‚Bike-inspired creativity – La créativité liée au vélo‘ is the author’s personal tribute to the designers, inventors and dreamers whose ingenious bike-inspired creativity all too rarely receives public attention. You’ll find items here on concept bikes, research on materials, examples of artistic brilliance, record-breaking attempts, innovative ideas, zany designs, projects with a social impact… and more – including a chapter on bicycles produced by around twenty car manufacturers. An explosive cocktail of creativity that will be savoured by a very broad audience.


The author:

A translator by training, Pascal Mageren works as an Editorial Project Manager for a communications company ( and has been involved in magazine publishing for the past 15 years. He launched his blog on bike-inspired creativity in 2011. Wearing his ‘velosopher’ cap, he is a columnist for the Canadian bicycle touring magazine Vélomag ( Pascal has also written and published two humorous illustrated stories (


Book in French and English

W 230 mm x H 200 mm

180 full-colour pages


Velosophe auf der Cyclingworld Düsseldorf – Stand K-B2


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