"M" range

Hersteller: Bemoov (Roll & Co srl)



We have designed the Bemoov M range (from 12 to 26 inches) so that children can learn balance and the joys of two wheels from a very young age.

All models are ultralight, unisex, with an easy-to-step-over frame and a very low center of gravity. They are customizable with 5 colors and 8 decoration kits (40 combinations), and they are very durable thanks to their high-quality components, like the entire Bemoov range.

The ultra-low M 12 balance bike is accessible to toddlers as soon as they can walk, weighing only 3.4 kg and equipped with a brake designed for children and a footrest specially developed for children to balance, from 18 months.

Once they have learned balance on the balance bike, children can move on to the M14 bike (or M16 for older children), whose pedal is exactly at the height of the balance bike’s footrest, allowing them to learn to pedal in balance from the age of 2, to their delight, that of their parents… and that of our team, providing balance to the little ones is our mission!

They can then experience gears on the hybrid models from M20 to M26, enjoying the pleasure of riding on lightweight and maneuverable hybrid bikes, for all uses from the school run to leisure rides!