PERS - Chainless Pedaling System

Hersteller: CIXI Active Mobility


PERS Chainless Pedaling System:

Innovative chainless electronic crankset offers intuitive speed control and automatic and continuously variable transmission while providing a natural pedaling experience. The energy from pedaling is recovered and transferred to motors to extend autonomy. It removes the geometrical constraints of mechanical transmission, making the PERS a versatile and competitive product able to fit diverse architectures and applications, from regular and cargo bikes to high-speed vehicles.


Mobility is not moving anymore in a world where conventional transportation means have led to sedentary and stressful lifestyles. With millions commuting daily by car, the aim is to ‚reactivate‘ daily commutes by turning them into opportunities for conscious physical activity and a healthier lifestyle. This initiative seeks to foster active mobility alternatives such as bicycles. The PERS, in particular, is conceived to facilitate a new, reliable, and intuitive way for people to embrace active vehicles, empowering the cycling industry to innovate and create new geometries free from the restrictions of traditional drivetrain components.


A significant part of RnD’s focus on the PERS has involved optimizing internal space within a weatherproof CNC aluminum case to host mechanical and electronic components efficiently. This internal optimization has dictated the external design. Each contour is a deliberate representation of the internal components, celebrating engineering and ensuring honesty and functionality in an aesthetically compelling manner. The result is a compact, engaging, and robust technology that resembles an abstract heart, with minimal geometric constraints, allowing seamless integration of hardware and software into a wide range of active vehicles.


The PERS operates flawlessly without mechanical chains or derailleurs, and no manual gear shifting. After an agile setup and personalization phase, riders select their desired power level (light, moderate, or heavy). PERS continuously manages the torque settings for an intuitive driving experience. This is made possible by patented algorithms that ensure immediate responsiveness and adjustable resistance, even when standing on pedals, perfectly adapting to various terrains such as hills or flat roads. The pedaling energy is recovered and transferred to propulsion to enable riding without battery power and increase ride range.


The PERS Chainless Pedaling system effectively manages torque, allowing users to pedal intuitively at any speed or slope, particularly beneficial in urban traffic. It eliminates the need for traditional chain maintenance, preventing derailing and grease stains on clothing. Additionally,  the PERS reduces reliance on conventional transmission components and lessens stock management issues. By reducing geometric constraints for integration, it paves the way for creating new types of active vehicles. Its shape, resembling an abstract heart, strategically aligns with the brand’s narrative, enhancing market engagement, awareness, and positioning.


The PERS stands for a ‚build-to-last‘ principle, extending its lifespan and significantly reducing maintenance frequency. This project redefines daily commuting, fostering wellness opportunities in vehicles and scenarios never possible before. Its seamless integration features, expand the scope to create any active vehicles, enabling more people to be physically active in their daily lives. This helps reduce diseases caused by high levels of sedentary lifestyles and stress.