Hersteller: Coboc


Slim. Simple. Sleek.

The Skye merges the utility and comfort of our new Light SUV platform with the distinctive Coboc Design DNA. Smart design solutions and maximized integration result in a super capable e-bike weighing only 18.5 kilograms.

The Tankcap.

Where others use bulky rubber pieces, covering the chargeport, Coboc introduces the Tankcap: A magnetic shutter with a metal cover, providing the user with a high quality touch and feel.

Floating Rack.

Carrying 20 kilograms and all of your adventures,
our rack seems to float above the rear wheel. Looking elegant and light-footed it does not shy away from hauling cargo, accommodating click-in accessories or any kind of bike and travel bags.

Motor Bridge.

A latest forging tech single-piece hydroforming downtube does save a lot of weight but even more is responsible for the sleek silhoutte of the Skye.