DoubleShot Minipump

Hersteller: BBB Cycling


Description DoubleShot

The DoubleShot – World’s smartest minipump!

The DoubleShot is small, very small! This extremely small mini pump easily fits in almost any saddle bag, or in your back pocket without you even noticing it. But don’t be deceived by its size. The DoubleShot packs an impressive pump volume of 35 ccm per stroke, ensuring your tire is inflated in no time. The innovative two-piece design incorporates four shafts, contributing to this remarkable pumping capacity. Thanks to the DoubleShot, you’ll be back on the road in no time!


A mini pump is stored 99% of its product life, but that crucial 1% is when it needs to perform. The mini pump market is divided into two categories: ‚Small pumps‘, which lack sufficient volume per stroke, and ‚powerful pumps,‘ but they are so large  that you have to mount them on your bike as they are too big to carry in your back pocket. Who says a small pump can’t deliver big results? We aimed to develop a genuine alternative to CO2 pumps—compact enough for a saddle bag and quick enough to avoid keeping your group waiting. We sought a mini pump that is half the size but packs double the power.


By splitting the pump in half and aligning the barrels in a parallel configuration, we reduced the length to 120mm, making it ideal for a back pocket and all our saddle bags. The CNC machined threaded connection ensures that the barrels are aligned to achieve the necessary volume and stroke for building pressure.


Clean, simple, and straightforward, the handles are crafted from plastic for functional integration, providing a softer feel accentuated by the subtle chamfers around the edges. The threaded connection, made of CNC machined aluminum, ensures a robust and confident assembly, with knurling guiding the user to thread the parts together seamlessly. Rubber seals dampen the pumping action, softening the minimum and maximum extension during operation. Oversized tubes enhance the alignment of the barrels, contributing to a sturdy and substantial feel. When packed away, it appears inconspicuous and simple, transforming into a functional tool when assembled for use.


Despite the small barrel diameter, this pump is super-efficient, pushing 35ccm per stroke, thanks to its 4-chamber pumping system. Unlike most mini pumps that don’t utilize their extended length for total volume, this pump does. When stored, the handles hold the two barrels together, also providing protection for the openings againstdirt. A slight pull on the handles allows the barrels to come apart, and they can be connected using the threaded connection. Handles on both ends of the pump enhance leverage per stroke, reducing pumping effort.


This is the first mini pump that is both compact and powerful. The split design is unique, and its functionality is supported by clever engineering.


The DoubleShot serves as an alternative to disposable CO2 pumps, offering ad- vantages in size and the speed of tire inflation.


• World’s smartest minipump!

• 120mm short pump can be easily stored in any saddlebag or in your back pocket

• Four chamber technology for an impressive pump volume of 35 ccm per stroke

• Easy to use due to the special tubeless friendly push-on pump head

• Two handles and long hose for easy and comfortable operating despite its small size

• The aluminum body and shaft provide optimal durability while maintaining a low weight for easy carrying


• Material: Aluminium

• Compatible valves: Presta/French

• Valve connection: Direct

• Max. air pressure (Bar): 8

• Max. air pressure (PSI): 116

• Pressure type: High pressure

• Type pumphead: Push-On

• Dust cover: Yes

• Tubeless friendly: Yes


• Width (mm): 38

• Length (mm): 120

• Weight (g): 83