Hêta 2S Cues Di2

Hersteller: Douze Cycles


On the occasion of the Cyclingworld event, the French cargo bike specialist will present its brand new front loader, the Hêta model. Eco-designed, manufactured and assembled in France, the Hêta frontloader marks a turning point in the world of cargo bikes.

Specialist of front loader cargo bikes, over the past ten years, Douze Cycles has built itself a solid reputation on the utility bike market. After winning the title of best cargo bike of the year at Cyclingworld 2018 with the G4 model, the manufacturer is back to conquer the title with its new front loader, the Hêta model.

Douze Cycles has rethought everything from the start by initiating a life cycle assessment of their historic freightbikes. By drawing up the carbon balance of a model, from its creation to its end of life, they have matured theirprocesses and so produced the first eco-designed range of freight bikes. By developing a moulded aluminium frame, mainly from the French recycling industry, they are taking up the challenge of sustainable production. For the polymer parts, they favour recycled materials with a low environmental impact.
A Hêta model is an assembly of 17 parts, each one of which is completely independent and interchangeable. Something breaks? Replace the part, not the bike. They have studied the composition of each sub-assembly, for optimal and easy reparability. Once the cargo bike is no longer in use, it has been designed to be easilydismantled and sorted to maximise its recyclability.


This new front loader incorporates the historic technologies developed by Douze Cycles :

– The 2×2 cables steering system
The four sheathed cables have been improved to make the steering even more precise whatever the load. The steering pulleys are now integrated into the bike, while remaining accessible for maintenance. The steering isstill as easy to adjust as before.

– The separation system
In a few minutes you can separate the rear frame from the front frame. In this way, your front loader becomesradically less cumbersome. It even becomes transportable on a suitable bike rack, so that your cargo can follow you on all your trips.

– The „Open Frame“
The Douze’s interface allows for several central drives such as the SHIMANO EP8 or EP6 Cargo. This upgradeable system allows the motorisation to be changed without changing the bike. Choose programmedsustainability.