EBI bike

EBI e-Bicycles was founded in 2022.The Company’s vertical model line of business includes the creation. design & manufacturing of premium carbon fiber & aluminum e-bicycles frames, e-bicycles mobility systems e-mobility software as well as bicycle parts, accessories and clothing. Our goal is to revolutionize the proximity mobility potential with an iconic cycling companion: Ride in our own style with effortless confidence. safely & with smart “connect on the go” advanced technology. Crafted, engineered and fitted with the most selective components, carefully selected by our diverse team of pro-riders, specialists and frame experts. We believe bicycle passion doesn’t live in the boundaries of origins but rather thrive on the trust of knowhow and love for bicycle lifestyle and a sustainable future. EBI’s core focus is on a new crossover type of e-cycles covering an orchestrated and focused range of mobility.

Halle: Alte Federnfabrik

Stand-Nr: U1

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Mehr Informationen unter: www.ebibike.com


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