Urban series bike

Hersteller: Electric Bicycle Innovation B.V.


EBI Urban series bike

This e-bike series is specifically designed for an efficient and comfortable urban commuting experience. Oftentimes, riders find themselves fumbling with their smartphones for navigation, leading to inefficiency in commuting and potential safety concerns. In response to these challenges, this e-bike features an innovative riding assistance system that provides swift access to information. Going beyond mere functionality, the design of the e-bike places a high emphasis on ergonomic comfort. Here, intelligent technology seamlessly integrates a pleasant riding experience.

Riding Assistance System: Developed on the Android platform, this system seamlessly integrates a range of innovative features, including navigation, data visualization, image recording, positioning, smart locking, and riding history logging. Further paired with a user-friendly 5.5-inch touchscreen, it enhances the overall user interaction. Designed to align with riders‘ operational habits, this feature simplifies what might otherwise be complex into intuitive actions. Comfortable Riding: The carbon fiber frame significantly reduces the overall weight to a mere 18kg, and the battery is thoughtfully placed behind the seat tube, collectively enhancing maneuverability for riders. This is further complemented by a shock-absorbing seat tube and an adjustable handlebar stem to ensure optimal comfort.

Aesthetic Design: Embracing the principle of „Form Follows Function“, the e-bike arTully incorporates triangular elements into its overall styling. The cover panel on the frame can be customized and replaced to cater to urbanites‘ diverse aesthetic preferences, as well as their changes in mood and ouTit.

Enhanced Intelligence: The riding assistance system seamlessly incorporates a range of innovative features, including navigation, data visualization, image recording, positioning, smart locking, and riding history logging. This convergence results in a riding experience that is more intelligent, more comfortable, and safer. The disc brake lock will automatically activate when the e-bike is powered off, with the added convenience of remote control through a dedicated app, ensuring peace of mind even if users forget to lock it.

Versatile Configurations: The shock-absorbing seat tube, paired with an adjustable handlebar stem, guarantees optimal comfort for riders. With a robust mid- mounted motor capable of a powerful 250W burst and an impressive range of over 100km, the e-bike is well-equipped for diverse terrains and extended rides. Aesthetic Appeal: The baZery is thoughTully placed behind the seat tube to enhance maneuverability. The frame design incorporates triangular elements, striking a perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics. Additionally, the cover plate can be customized according to urbanites‘ unique aesthetic preferences, transforming the ordinary riding experience into a fashionable and personalized journey.

In line with the vision to „Innovate for More Comfortable Riding“, the brand introduces a self-developed smart riding assistance system. Its practicality is amplified by easily accessible func:ons like localizing, advanced vehicle security, millimeter-wave radar, and an integrated camera. Addi:onally, it is paired with a 5.5-inch touchscreen to enrich user interac:on. Moreover, quick-opera:on buZons on each handlebar make accessing mul:ple features a breeze. These advancements not only elevate the riding experience but also prioritize safety. In this e-bike design, innova:on is genuinely geared towards intelligent enjoyment. Furthermore, the integra:on of triangular elements into its frame design embodies the principle of „Form Following Function“, ensuring a func:onal and stylish e-bike that aligns with the brand’s commitment to providing an excep:onal riding experience.

This e-bike offers a comfortable, safe, and intelligent op:on for urban commuters. Boasting a range of over 100 km, it allows riders to easily reach destinations even farther afield. Furthermore, its plastic-free packaging contributes to a reduced environmental impact, demonstrating a dedication to eco-friendly practices.

This e-bike arTully integrates triangular elements into its frame, achieving a harmonious blend of aesthetics and functionality. The cover panel on the frame can be customized and replaced, catering to the diverse aesthetic preferences of urbanites and adapting to their changes in mood and ouTit. This e-bike goes beyond fulfilling urban cycling needs; its customizable feature ensures that the overall style aligns with users‘ vision for their own e-bike, transforming the cycling experience into a more enjoyable and chic activity.