Hersteller: FFWD



The ultimate wheelset in all its glory just got better!

How do you upgrade a model that’s already one of its kind? By staying true to what’s good and making a leap in components. New lighter rims, stiffer carbon spokes with lower weight and custom hubs with CeramicSpeed bearings! But also a stunning design in matt and glossy finish as well as three rim heights!

New rims in design and layup

A category on its own deserves a special design. We believe that these high-end wheels should come with a design which stand out by simplicity. The rims are shaped by our LAW Tech aerodynamic profile. Yet what you don’t see is the time and efforts of precise layup techniques that make these rims lighter by 10%.

Carbon spoke strength

These wheels are our first with carbon spokes and have been put to the test over the last two years. Heavy weight and powerful riders took our challenge to test these wheels to the max. With Confidence we can say that these wheels meet our high standards. The carbon spokes save weight but also bring the weight mass to the center of the wheel. This results in a more responsive wheel set. It also results in a stiffer wheel with an increased stiffness of 17%!

Custom hubs CeramicSpeed inside

The carbon spokes ask for a special hub design. The level of wheels ask for ceramic bearings.
For our custom designed hubs we partnered with CeramicSpeed. Their bearings elevate the performance of the wheels in terms of durability and lower rolling resistance. As usual this FFWD hub also comes with an internal ratchet system.

A new family with options

A 44mm rim is still perceived as the most allround by most people. But the RYOT55 is also valued as easy to handle and very popular. Add a true lightweight climbing set and you have a family! Therefore the new RAW is launched in a 33 (mm), 44 (mm) and 55 (mm) model. The rims are all available in a matt finish. But there’s more! RAW is the only model that is also available in a super slick glossy finish. All RAW wheels are built by hand at our facility in Zwolle, The Netherlands.

The numbers

Within our philosophy of building durable wheels at a good price we do so at the best possible weight. The RAW33 will come in at 1350 grams, where the RAW44 ends around 1395 grams and the RAW55 will put 1490 grams on the scales.

Why carbon spokes for the RAW?

We believe that the ultimate high-end wheel set needs carbon spokes. The RAW is our most
ultimate wheel set and should therefore be with carbon spokes. It’s not just a cool feature.
The carbon spokes contribute a lot to the overal performance of the wheel. Their minimal weight brings the total weight of the set down. It also shifts the total mass weight to the centre of the wheel. That results in a more responsive wheel!

What can you say about the new FFWD hub compared to the DT180 hub previously used?

The carbon spokes have a specific spoke head and require a dedicated hub flange. We developed a custom hub that gives the best possible fit for the carbon spokes.
In cooperation with CeramicSpeed we created specific bearings for the best rolling hubs.
Overall this hub is highly comparable to DT180 hubs but some aspects are just better. For example the bearings in the front hubs are larger. The result is a smoother ride and longer life span.

Are carbon spokes difficult to service?

Serviceability and durability are key for our products. We want replacebale carbon spokes which don’t always require a factory return in case of a snapped spoke. Our carbon spokes in the new RAW can be easily adjusted, tensioned or replaced. Almost the same as most traditional spokes.

Important to note:
Please note that the nipple squares, visible from the outside of the rim, are only to keep the spoke in a fixed postition during tensioning/truing (with a 3.45mm nipple key).
The actual adjustment of the nipple needs to be done from the inside with a HEX5.5 nipple key.
The spokes use internal nipples, so for adjusting spokes the tire and tubeless tape need to be removed. Recommended tools for truing and adjusting are; Parktool SW-42 and SW-15.

We strongly recommend to only have a skilled and experienced mechanic work on your precious wheels!

Where to get the spare parts?

The carbon spokes and CeramicSpeed bearings are custom made for this model. Spare parts are on stock at FFWD and can be ordered from us. Body’s for Campagnolo, Shimano or SRAM XDR are also available as spare part.

What are the benefits of hooked rims?

We want our road wheels to be compatible with the majority of available tires and tire sizes.
With hooked rims you can pick any tire setup; tubeless, a traditional tube/tire combination or a smooth cotton skinwall tires with a latex innertube.