Hersteller: Gregario



This is the debut bicycle for the Italian startup Gregario and its patented variable-mould technology. VERA AR offers the most demanding cyclist a 360° solution that combines unique features:

  • true integral monocoque frame: without glueing or shortcuts, a monolithic frame from the head tube to the rear dropouts, processed in a single curing step by autoclave;
  • total bespoke philosophy: no more stack & reach, our authentic tailor-made system develops around the contact points between the rider and its bicycle and does not need references that were created to classify standard size frames. The frame can be customised down to the mm by varying angles and lengths. The cockpit is also tailored in handlebar width, drop type and stem length. The rider is free to choose the sizing method independently, with the help of his trusted bike fitter or through the digital experience of our AI-Sizing webapp;
  • fine tuning and seasonal posture variations:

○ the stem mounting angle can be varied from −3° to +15° (relative to the road surface), to adapt to the different phases of the training/racing season or to the specific needs of a single race;

○ the integrated seatpost still allows an adjustment of ±30 mm to adjust the riding position at any time.


Engineered and made in Italy

VERA AR blends tradition and innovation: high-end engineering optimization combined in perfect harmony with Italian craftsmanship and style. We put our heads and hands into it: conception, design, engineering and production take place proudly in Italy and by the hand of the Gregario Team. Only in this way we can guarantee the highest quality, which comes from our mix of passion, experience and total dedication.

All the shapes and every single detail of VERA come from an in-depth study of the interactions between frame, components and cyclist in motion, directly from our long-term experience as consultant in both CFD and wind tunnel.

Technical specifications:

  • Frame and cockpit construction technology: VERA Bespoke Integral Monocoque patented by Gregario
  • Frame: flat-mount disc, TA12, BB T47, max 700x32mm, weight 890* g
  • Fork: flat-mount disc, TA12, 1-⅛ 1-¼, max 700x32mm, weight 350* g
  • Cockpit: integrated, bespoke width & length, adjustable angle, internal cable routing
  • Groupset: wireless or mechanic compatibility, full custom choice
  • Wheelset: custom choice
  • Saddle: custom choice
  • Painting: on schemes or full customization

* weights depends from size, custom layup and painting scheme
Available from spring 2024, pre-orders will open soon.