VERA Bespoke Integral Monocoque

Hersteller: Gregario


VERA Bespoke Integral Monocoque

While the monocoque technology provides optimal use of carbon fibre and much greater freedom of shape when compared to the traditional tube-to-tube, until today it has been synonymous with „standard sizes“ due to the need of a dedicated mould for any size.

The patent and the technology developed by Gregario allow mould customisation and open the way for frame and component tailoring from a single mould. A true integral monocoque frame can be manufactured as monolithic without giving up the benefits of the bespoke design. The frame is the result of a single layup and cure process, with no shortcuts such as glueing or preformed tubes.

VERA Aero Road

The 1st frame-kit adopting VERA technology is an aero-road model, which combines the benefits of modern aerodynamic shapes and total integration with the uniqueness of a millimetric tailoring.

The optimal rider posture is taken into account right from the design stage including the customization of stem (length, angle) and handlebars (width, drop type). No more struggling with stack & reach, every single frame-kit is built around the rider’s ideal contact points.

Engineered and made in Italy

VERA blends tradition and innovation: high-end engineering optimization for both structural and aerodynamics features combined in perfect harmony with Italian craftsmanship and style.

Framekit Technical specifications:

  •   Technology: VERA patented by Gregario
  •   Sizes: bespoke
  •   Construction: integral carbon monocoque
  •   Frame: flat-mount disc, TA12, BB T47, max 700x32mm, weight 890* g
  •   Fork: flat-mount disc, TA12, 1-1⁄8 1-1⁄4,, max 700x32mm, weight 350 g
  •    Cockpit: integrated, bespoke width & length, adjustable angle, internal cable routing
  •    Painting: on schemes or full customization
  •    Design: CFD and on field aero optimised

* weight depends from size, custom layup and painting scheme