Jaegher is a top Belgian brand of racing bikes with a rich history and a commitment to high quality. Each bike is completely handmade in Flanders. Jaegher rejects mass production, which allows it to provide each bike with the attention to detail and craftsmanship it deserves. Not only are your measurements are taken into account during the process, but also your flexibility and your needs. After the geometry of your bike is determined, the frame is made with the best material available. The super-thin stainless steel XCr tubes are made exclusively by Columbus Italia. The perfect combination of comfort, performance and weight. Not for nothing that Tom Boonen’s Ascender is his absolute favorite bike. Jaegher is admired for its design and finishes: seamless tubes that merge into one another, recessed cables, elaborate designs finished with the best parts available. Jaegher is a brand of true connoisseurs and has customers in Japan, Germany, Switzerland, America…and especially in Flanders.

Halle: Alte Schmiedehalle

Stand-Nr: C5

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Mehr Informationen unter: www.jaegher.be


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