Range Extender & Energy Hub

Hersteller: MAHLE SmartBike Systems, S.L.U.


Range Extender & Energy Hub  

The new MAHLE Range Extender e185 is designed for those who want to tackle demanding routes or go further. 

With its minimal weight of just 1,100 grams, this external battery offers 171 Wh of extra power increasing the range up to 60 km, thus offering the best power-to-weight ratio in its class to enjoy the MAHLE X20 drive system for even longer. 

As a complement, the Energy Hub, weighing only 157 grams, is the perfect accessory for charging devices such as cell phones or computers as well as providing an alternative source of quick and easy charging for the Range Extender e185. 

In this way, these two powerful and lightweight devices allow the rider to take their route to the next level. 

Disruptive increase in range 

By extending the range up to 60 Km, the Range Extender e185 and the power source Energy Hub, allows the rider to go further and explore new routes without carrying more weight on the bike than necessary. 

 Stylish and ultra compact design 

The Range Extender e185, with a small and compact design and the size of a water bottle, is the only external battery on the market that fits in a standard bottle cage. In addition, it is elegantly styled for does not interfere with the design of the bike. 

At the same time, the Energy Hub, with its reduced weight and covered design, allows for the safe transport of everything the rider needs to keep the energy flowing. 

Social impact and contribution to a sustainable future 

Using the Range Extender e185 as an external battery and recharging it with the Energy Hub increases the lifetime of the eBike’s internal battery. This decreases the intensity of its use, thereby extending its service life and reducing maintenance costs.