Scram Pinion Smart.Shift

Hersteller: Pilot Cycles


Pilot Scram Pinion Smart.Shift

An all enduring gravel bike with electronic shifting has been a lifelong dream of many riders and the Pilot team alike. Now the time has finally come to step into the future of gravel cycling with the Scram Pinion Smart.Shift. The Scram features the all-new TRP HYWIRE electric brake shifting units, so there is no need to change your riding position to shift the Pinion gearbox anymore. Wether you’re virtually folded in half with your hands deep in the handlebars or casually cruising with your hands on the hoods: shifting is carefree with the new Scram Pinion Smart.Shift.

The Scram combines the Pinion gearbox with a Gates CDX belt and cog set, in order to keep the maintenance to a minimum. We dare you- no, we double dare you to show us a more durable bike than this one!

What is Pinion Smart.Shift?
Pilot and Pinion bring electric shifting at the highest level to gravel racing for the first time. Smart.Shift combines reliable and practically maintenance-free transmission shifting technology with the advantages of electronic shifting. Shifting takes place in 0.2 seconds at the touch of a button – fast, ergonomic and intuitive. The system shifts while riding, at a standstill and under load!
The system functions are also smart: The automatically engaged starting gear can be selected individually with the Start.Select function. Smart.Shift comes with an optional Pre.Select function. It offers automatic shifting while you are not pedaling and – based on the preselected cadence – perfectly adapts the gear to changing speeds.
Pilot x Pinion frame
Pilot chooses to fully integrate the Pinion Smart.Shift system into the Scram frame. All cables run internally through the Scram’s downtube to their respective destinations, creating a clean look without any distractions from the bike’s lines. An easily accessible charging port in the down tube assures quick and effortless charging of the integrated Pinion battery.
Where there is electronic shifting, there is a battery. But where is this battery you ask? It is carefully integrated in the down tube of the Scram. Easily accessible for the mechanics at your local bike store, but out of sight for the rider: a proper win-win situation!