Hersteller: VELO-CE S.R.L.


Veloe® multi is a versatile cargobike for families and cargo riders.
We are committed offering children a delightful journey to school, recognizing that their observations and experiences profoundly shape their behavior. Our objective is to ignite a passion for cycling in young minds, equipping them with valuable skills and attitudes for the future. Each life is different. Whether you like Veloe® multi for kids, cargo or enjoy riding a durable eBike, all accessories are developed to customize your life on mobility. Aside accessories, Veloe® multi is personalizable with a mid-engine Bosch Cargoline or Shimano EP6, chain or belt and Enviolo or Shimano.
One of the many advantages of riding a Veloe® multi is having an awesome eBike for cargo after riding with kids when the are big enough to ride by themselves.