ZBike 2.0

Hersteller: ZYCLE


Discover the revolution with the Smart ZBIKE 2.0

Elevate your experience

The Smartbike ZBIKE 2.0 combines cutting-edge technology with state-of-the-art features. With a sophisticated and elegant design, the Smart ZBIKE 2.0 is an ideal training tool for cyclists and fitness enthusiasts seeking a unique experience.

Thanks to its gear shift, which simulates that of a 15-speed single-plate bicycle, you’ll enjoy a more realistic and challenging cycling experience. This electronic system with backlit buttons is fully integrated into the handlebar, aiming to replicate the same sensations a cyclist has on their bike.

The ZBIKE 2.0 is extremely quiet. Thanks to its Poly-V belt, the transmission system produces minimal noise, allowing you to enjoy a peaceful environment while immersing yourself in exciting virtual worlds during your workouts.

The ZBIKE 2.0 is fully adaptable to different individuals, both men and women. It is perfect for people with different training motivations. It caters to users seeking intense and effective training by climbing legendary mountain passes, as well as those who simply want to ride while enjoying an indoor cycling class with their favorite music.

But that’s not all, the new ZBIKE 2.0 also offers new free trial coupons for the best simulators and fitness apps on the market, allowing you to explore new training experiences and take your sessions to the next level.

To further facilitate your workouts, the new Zycle APP offers exciting features, such as a screen where you can visualize all the data obtained during your session simply by connecting your ZBIKE 2.0 to your smartphone or tablet.

Discover excellence in cycling and fitness with the cutting-edge Smartbike ZBIKE 2.0 and enjoy a unique experience while achieving your goals!

ZYCLE ZBike 2.0 Features:
● Handlebar-integrated gear shift with backlit buttons. ● Factor Q: 188mm.
● Crank Length: 170mm.
● Transmission: Poly-V Belt. Extremely quiet.
● Max Power at 90 rpm: 850 W.


● Max Power at 120 rpm: 2000 W. ● Max Gradient: 20%.
● Power Accuracy Estimation: 2%. ● Magnetic Brake.

● Wireless Communication: Bluetooth FTMS and ANT+.
● USB Port for charging your Tablet or Smartphone during training. ● Dimensions: 860 mm x 1440 mm x 610 mm.
● Weight: 50 kg. Compact and stable.
● Flywheel Weight: 14 kg.
● Real-time Data: Power, cadence, and speed.

● Hybrid use for Cycling and Fitness.
● Automatic resistance adjustment according to your training session.
● Very low noise.
● USB charging port.
● Easy and quick assembly by a single person.
● Perfect position. V-frame design with saddle and handlebar adjustment.